Antonio J. Pérez-Luque Ecologist, Ecoinformatics


I’m biologist and Master in Applied Statistics from University of Granada (Spain).

I’m a PhD candidate at University of Granada. The focus of my disertation is the spatio-temporal dynamics of Pyrenean oak forests (Quercus pyrenaica) in Mediterranean mountains.

I work as ecologist at Laboratory of Ecology of Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research, involved in the Sierra Nevada LTER-site and in the development of the Information System of Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory. Previously, I worked as ecologist consultant for four years, focusing on restoration projects and ecology of threatened species.

I like to introduce myself as an ecoinformatic. My expertise is on analysis of ecological data with R and programming tools. High experience in use of R, GIS and reproducible science tools (metadata).

I acquired high ecoinformatics skills during a research stay at US-LTER Network Office (University of New Mexico) and at National Center of Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS, Univ. of California) where I attendt to Open Science for Systehsis summer training in 2014.

I’m currently co-leading the Ecoinformatic Working Group of the Spanish Terrestrial Ecology Association (AEET).

My research interest are:

  • Spatio-temporal dynamics of forests in Mediterranean Mountains.
  • Global Change ecology.
  • Data Analysis and Ecoinformatics.
  • Design of Environmental Information Systems.
  • Metadata
  • Remote Sensing

I also co-wrote a R package: p2distance